Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Always On Venture Summit (December 2-3, 2008)

Venture Summit is a must-attend event for entrepreneurs or investors in the growth technology and greentech markets. You will get the inside scoop from the smartest investors, and meet Silicon Valley’s finest private companies. I wouldn’t miss it!

DFJ is able to extend a 50% discount to friends of DFJ.

Repeal Sarbox

Check out Newt Gingrich's article on repealing Sarbanes-Oxley:

A VC's View on Regulation

I am optimistic about our new president and the healing he can bring to the country. Economically, he has a great opportunity to be a hero. I would suggest he call an end to the bailouts and as soon as possible sell the government interests back to the private sector. He faces a structural liquidity problem with too much regulation. Sarbox should be eliminated entirely. It doesn't even do what it set out to do. How did it help us gauge the banks for instance? FASB has run its course and should be eliminated in favor of the international alternative. Mark to market is a disaster that shows FASB to be out of touch. That said, this is the time the true entrepreneurs show their awesome creativity, and I expect to see some greatness coming soon. And if we get rid of SARBOX, we can take them public so everyone can share in their success.