Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Washington Outsider

I went to a heady event in Washington last night. Great fun.

I met Barbara Walters and told her that my daughter, Jesse was the “Valley Girl” and asked if she had any advice for her. She said, “It is all about the second question.”

I asked Warren Buffett what he thought the government should do about the economy if anything, and he said, “They should try everything and see what sticks.” Then he said, “We are going to get through this.” Good news.

I also met Our First Lady, Michelle Obama for the first time, who is charming and stunning in person. I suggested that she go out shopping with her daughters for a press event to get people buying things and getting this economy moving again, and she said, “Great idea. Go tell Barack—go tell the President that.” So I did. He looked across at her and smiled. I think we have a great President.

The brilliant and thoughtful Jeb Bush mentioned that he reads this blog, and has been doing some consulting since leaving office. Maybe time for DFJ to have a Florida Network Partner….

Michael Dell wouldn’t tell me if he was going to compete with Apple’s iPhone. I think a lower priced compatible DellPhone would take the world by storm.

I told the beautiful Sarah Palin that I love Alaska and that they have to fix the fire alarm in the only hotel in Juneau because it went off every time I stayed there, and she said, “We do that so the tourists can fully experience the Alaskan winter.” Still a great sense of humor.

John McCain is perhaps the nicest man ever. Vern Jordan is perhaps the greatest orator ever.

Here is a report on the evening by a real reporter:

I also met several “Washington insiders.” My conclusion there: I think our capital should move out of DC. The people there are too insulated from their country. They become a cancer for the people who come to Washington trying to make a difference. Not many of them made any real connection between our business environment and our economy. Even my limo driver there was trying to get more money out of government, not realizing where that money was actually coming from. The NYC drivers know.

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Drue Kataoka said...

Tim---Great questions. However, I want to know what they asked you! :)