Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some thoughts on VC Regulation....

Venture capital helps everything this administration wants to accomplish. We encourage innovation, create jobs, help people from all walks of life pursue the American Dream, and improve competitiveness worldwide—we don’t even use debt. So, why is the administration trying to:

(1) Add to our regulatory burden by having us register with the SEC; and

(2) Increase taxes on carried interest?


Michael F. Martin said...

Focus on reopening the IPO market and the increased taxes and SEC regulations will be helpful to incumbents like DFJ.

Anonymous said...

Read my latest blog Tim and you'll understand. VCs are not creating jobs but the LPs are as a function of their allocation of dollars to the sector. VCs are the derivative & arbitrator to innovation, they are not the market.

VCs are merely the dating service between the assets of the LP and the assets of the entrepreneur. And while you may still be performing, the vast majority of VCs are not.

So, to protect and speak on behalf a dating service that on average doesn't work serves no-one and erodes your reputation as a captain of the industry.

Phil said...

Tim...while your 2 questions may be rhetorical, they do bring to light the obvious intent off this administration:
1.)Control and tax anything that they can to attain more of both. Period.
2.) This administration believes in the jobs and innovation you speak of they just want to be the only ones creating the jobs and reaping the rewards from the same.

Both points should be the seminal objective(s) of the Always On/ On DC Entrepreneurs March On DC Oct 19-21

Check out this article in the WSJ a couple of weeks ago. It says it all.

You may want to apply for the VC Czar position, I am sure that it's coming if something doesn't CHANGE. WE CAN ONLY HOPE!